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You will find here all our woman bag collections.

This category includes all different bag style all uniques:

From the tote bag to the pretty small hand bag all vegan

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  • Janis Bag - tote beach...

    This bag is huge ideal for the beach of shopping or for  mums who need a 'grab bag' to carry all the kids stuff .
    It has three pockets .
    A key clip.

    A magnetic button

    60cm Handle
    40cm wide
    35-0cm tall
    30cm deep

  • Hold Up

    Bag that you can close with a zip.

    Also you can change the handle position to get a bigger bag.

    One inside pocket

  • Sac Cerise

    Bag with a magnetic button

    H 35cm

    L 38cm

    D 12cm

    you can also choose to have a little bag that you can attach with clips

  • Flower pot Bag

    This bag we call the 'flower pot' my daughters pet name, she loves parading around with one of these on her arm.

    Its a good size for essentials, phone, purse and other bits and bobs.

    20cm de Hight
    35cm de width

  • Smash Bag

    Women shoulder bags
    This small shoulder bag ,is the perfect every day bag  recycled, eco friendly vegan bag made from at 99% of recycled fabric  including our main material coffee sack jute /burlap bag.

  • Sun Flower

    New model

  • Stachel bag

    This is a Unixes crossbody messenger bag.
    Interior pocket.
    magnetic button.
    115 cross body Handle.

  • Maya bag

    This is a gear book or college bag.
    Big enough for A4 folder .
    At least one pocket.
    A simple steam lined bag .
    Cross body strap 120cm
    A magnetic button.

  • Sac à dos

    Sac à dos

  • Vegan Logo

    A selection of bags with our Vegan Logo.

  • Pochettes


  • Bad girl

    petite besace

    20cm par 20cm

    une grande poche interieure

  • Slouchy bag

    Grand Sac

    Fermeture avec boutton magnetique

    38cm x 28cm x 15cm

    1 poche et une section.

  • Harry
Results 1 - 24 of 175 items
Results 1 - 24 of 175 items