Nice Coffee Sac is a literal cottage industry, a business owned and operated by me Holly King.

I'm driven by a love of art and creativity, a strong environmental ethos, and a desire to cater to vegan customers and anybody interested in alternative, funky, useful bags and furniture covers.

Currently, I personally produce and sell each bag to individuals and craft boutiques around France and the U.K.

Too many years ago I studied 3D design at university, and I've always been in the habit of crafting something. I really like making old unloved things useful again.

When we moved into our house, we found coffee sacks in the cellar, and one rainy day I made a bag. Just for fun, just for me.

A friend saw the bag and loved it; I made a bag for her and then a bag for her friend, and so on. Before long I was receiving orders. Soon, I was sewing morning, noon, and night on a 99 year old singer sewing machine. And boom, a business was born!

I'm an animal lover. No animal materials in my products!  I’m also passionately committed to upcycling: trawling through thrift shops and recycling vendors to source previously loved/used jeans, colourful fabrics, buttons and zips. Each bag is hand-made and unique and is constructed from as many secondhand components as possible.

I earned my sewing legs in an unexpected way.

For a short time, I worked in a rug shop, a business that washes and repairs horse rugs. Here I was put on sewing duty and I  learned about sewing heavy-duty fabrics. I used to say to the owner: "Roger! It's all wibbly wobbly."

Through a puff of his rolled up cigarette, he'd reply "It's not a wedding dress."

That seemed to take the pressure off of it, and over time I perfected some techniques.

I often reflect on this as I didn't know at the time why I was working there. But I learned something and it led to this business and doing something that makes me very happy.

My workshop is now in West Sussex UK and I spend my days designing and sewing with two wonderful children, a helpful hubby, and a dog called Cookie acting as muses and mascots.

Please see our shop page where you can buy our products. Or have a look at the shop and follow Nice Coffee Sac on FaceBook.

Thanks/Merci for visiting my site!